Cooking for Small Children

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Belinda is a young mother from Massachusetts caring for her first born – a lively baby girl. As a young parent, Belinda found it difficult, confusing and costly trying to navigate the ins and outs of caring for a small child. For further guidance and support, Belinda decided to sign up for one of Cooking Matters’ signature 6-week courses.

Since graduating, Belinda makes more meals at home and she recognizes the nutritional value, as well as visual appeal, of a colorful meal. Belinda makes meals more colorful by adding vegetables like zucchini and peppers – especially in the summertime when she buys fresh produce that is in season and therefore less expensive. Belinda says that she has stopped giving her daughter “fruit snacks – which don’t really have fruit at all!” She also loves the Cooking Matters recipe for homemade granola, which she makes often in large batches to add to yogurt for a healthy and tasty snack. “I buy big jars of yogurt to save money like the class taught me,” Belinda says, who learned the value of unit pricing during the Cooking Matters at the Store tour that is included in a 6-week course. As a once avid user of microwavable dinners, Belinda has decided, “cooking food (yourself) is healthier”. When asked what she thinks the greatest benefit of taking the course is, Belinda immediately turned to her little one – “…it’s healthier for my daughter,” she says. Belinda now has the skills to more easily navigate her journey as a new mother.

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