Ending Childhood
Hunger Through

Healthy Food

The best way to make sure every kid in America has healthy food is to make sure their parents and caregivers have the support they need.

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Our Work

Cooking Matters works in communities across the country to help parents and caregivers develop their skills when shopping for and cooking healthy foods on a budget.

Helping Kids and Families

Here are some of the ways we’re helping families today.

Cooking Classes

We offer free cooking classes for parents, kids and child care providers. Each lesson is taught by experts in many different community-based settings. Participants learn about cooking, meal prep, grocery shopping, food budgeting, and nutrition.

Grocery Store Tours

We hold short, easy tours at local grocery stores to help people learn how to shop strategically and choose the foods they need to cook simple, healthy meals.

Digital Content

For those who can't join our classes or tours, or those who want to keep the learning going long after class ends, we offer digital resources such as healthy recipes and an extensive collection of library of videos.

Lesson Plans

We work with experts to develop educational materials that schools, churches and community groups can use to help parents and caregivers.

Our Impact
on Kids

impact on kids

Our Impact on Kids

Studies confirm that by helping parents and caregivers, Cooking Matters is helping kids live happier, healthier lives.

Long-Term Impact Evaluation

Tour Program Evaluation

It’s Dinnertime Report

A national survey by APCO Insight into the home cooking habits of low- to middle-income American families that helped us design effective Cooking Matters programs. The survey showed:

• Low-income parents cook meals at home, mostly from scratch, and are highly interested in making healthy meals.

• Families view cost as the primary barrier to healthy eating; this can be overcome through the adoption of strategic shopping and cooking skills.

• Low-income families that regularly plan meals, write grocery lists and budget for food make healthy meals from scratch more often than those who don’t.

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