Adding Veggies to Kid-Friendly Foods

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Marie is a hardworking mother with three children ages 13, 4 and 8 months. Like all parents, Marie cares about preparing healthy, affordable, tasty meals for her family. Working long hours and creating meals for picky eaters is a challenge. Marie’s children say that healthy meals don’t taste good and don’t like to see vegetables in their food. An additional challenge for Marie is that her children prefer American cuisine like macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets, rather than traditional food from her native country.

While Marie is quite familiar with Haitian cooking, it is difficult for her to decide what “American” recipes to try and which ingredients to combine to make healthy great tasting meals that her children will actually eat. Marie decided to take a Cooking Matters course to help her learn how to make new recipes and how to elevate the nutritional content of popular meals. In class, Marie learned how to read nutrition labels, stretch her WIC benefits and find the best grocery shopping deals by using unit pricing. Most importantly, she learned how to create healthy recipes that her children love. Marie now makes homemade Mac ‘n cheese with whole grain pasta so that her children get more fiber in their diets. Marie and her children love making pizzas with a healthy assortment of vegetable toppings together. Having her children help with meals makes mealtime less stressful. Marie now has the knowledge and confidence she needs to feed her family. Best of all, Marie can continue learning and trying new recipes by visiting the Cooking Matters website. She loves to stay up to date with the latest recipes, tips, and videos.